Psychotherapy & Counselling in Bath and Frome. Relational and Body orientated Psychotherapy, EMDR & Trauma therapy, Fully accredited with UKCP.

I am an experienced UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist. I offer ongoing relational psychotherapy and time limited counselling in Frome and Bath.

Working with a therapist can be a tremendous relief from struggling with emotional difficulties, pain and conflict on your own. I provide a safe, empathic and confidential space where you can talk freely and explore what is going on for you, perhaps for the first time.

People seek therapy for many reasons; it may be that you're suffering with depression, anxiety or stress, an experience of loss, the impact of trauma, a current crisis or out of a more general and persistent feeling of being stuck, feeling wretched or unable to move on?

I will listen to you without judgement, with compassion and curiosity, and help you make sense of your feelings so that you can move forward. My training in the field of relational body psychotherapy supports my ability to tune into and explore what might be difficult to articulate in words. I bring an understanding that it is paradoxically often the ways in which we have learnt to protect ourselves from pain that creates difficulties in life; people often come to therapy feeling stuck, with self-defeating beliefs, destructive ways of relating, addictive or compulsive behaviours or chronic physical tensions. These patterns have often developed quite unconsciously, over time(and from very early on) and, most importantly, as the best way at the time to cope with unbearable pain. The problem is that the body-mind still perceives these patterns to be necessary and the only way of coping. I strive to provide the conditions needed to support a process of letting go, or unfolding, whereby old patterns of relating can give way to healthier support, self-acceptance and a greater sense of freedom. Always negotiating how we work together, I can combine body orientated approaches alongside a space to talk and reflect.

I integrate EMDR therapy into longer term psychotherapy with people who have experienced childhood or prolonged, complex trauma. I also offer EMDR as a specific shorter term therapy for people who have experienced a single traumatic incident.

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