An initial consultation of an hour would give you the space to talk about what brings you to therapy and can shed some light on what you're experiencing. This meeting would give you a sense of how I work, and for both of us, of how we would work together. There is no obligation after this initial session to commit to further work together. It might be clear for you in the initial consultation whether you want to do so, or you can go away and think about it in your own time.

If you wanted to proceed we could also think about whether you are looking at time-limited or ongoing therapy. Shorter term work tends to be focused on a particular issue or area that you wanted to work with, with the aim of helping you re-connect with your strengths and find new ways of coping. Longer term, open ended psychotherapy, allows space for a deeper exploration and working through of underlying and unconscious dynamics.

Sessions are for an hour and I would offer you a session time at the same time each week, working once weekly, or sometimes twice weekly. Although the same time each week is preferable, and help to establish stable ground, I can offer some flexibility for clients in Frome, if necessary, to accommodate working patterns.

My fees are 40 per session, including for the initial consultation. I have some low cost places available during the daytime in Frome - please ask me about this if you're on a low income.